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Backstage deli at the Luxor Hotel. Also, Tacos and Tequila is a good choice for a casual meal. Prices can escalate if you add in drinks.

Las Vegas Restaurant Deals

Bucca di Peppo does family style as well as anyone at a reasonable price. MGM Grand has plenty of fantastic high-end restaurants but it also has a few great places to save a buck on good food. Have anything with red meat and you will realize that sandwiches do not have to be simple packages of quick fast food. The breakfast menu is very good and very affordable. Stay away from the steak and eggs, it will become an addiction.

Stage Deli.

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Your best bet at the Stage deli is a bowl of soup and a big piece of crusty bread. Chin Chin Also, Village Eateries, pizza, sandwiches, fish and chips and plenty more. Try the D. Vino happy hour as well as Diablos for chips and salsa. Vino Dragon Noodle Company. Tropicana Las Vegas Bacio Comfortable, good and reasonably priced Italian in the newly remodeled Tropicana Hotel.

Be careful since some entrees can blow up your final bill. Also they have a couple of cafes that will do the trick for cheap. Noodles at the Bellagio Hotel.

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Scan the menu and you'll find some gems for a good price. Planet Hollywood Hotel Changs Margaritaville at the Flamingo Las Vegas. Caesars Palace Serendipity 3 - Large portions so you might want to split a dish and save room for dessert. Cheesecake factory The food court offers cheap sandwiches, pizza and Asian options.

Carnegie Deli at the Mirage is a deli where you can share a meal with a friend and still have a little left over. Venetian Hotel and Casino They sure aren't Nobu , but they'll scratch the spicy tuna itch. Ask about the fresh specials for items that were just flown in that day. Samesies, though this one is a couple bucks more expensive, has a bit of a Korean flair to the menu, and is in Chinatown, a bit closer to the Strip. Basically, it's Nobu on a budget, and we mean that with the utmost reverence and respect.

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Mexican food on the Strip is mostly garbage. Lucky for us, and also you, Las Vegas has a large Latino population, and they know what's up for tasty tacos, at prices that actually make sense. Nothing gets more "real" than a taco chain based out of Tijuana, and there are conveniently three to be found around Las Vegas. This is the In-N-Out Burger of taco joints, which is everything you need to know about it. Taco Y Taco has two locations in the Las Vegas Valley: the original on Tropicana, which looks like just about every other taco joint ever so good though!

Delicious tacos? Awesome beer selection?

Double check. Bet you didn't even know you wanted them, but now you need them. No, you didn't, because you only think about yourself. A trendy pho place that could just as easily be found in any hip neighborhood anywhere else in America, District One has late hours, a very reasonably priced menu, an excellent selection of craft beer, wine, and cocktails, and an atmosphere that you'll actually want to hang out in versus grabbing your pho to go so as not to have to sit at a depressing plastic table. It's small, stylish, stupid cheap, and also serves booze. If you're doing Vegas right, then at some point you are going to need to eat at 4am, when the regular restaurants have all closed up for the night.

You will not be alone; in fact, you might have an even longer wait to get into one of these spots than you did to get into the club. But these places are the go-to's of all the go-to's and if you happen to be sober-ish at any of them after 2am, the people-watching is world-class. If you have never been three sheets at the Peppermill at 4am eating Maserati omelets, you have never fully experienced Vegas. The end.

This place is an icon of icons, "as Vegas as Vegas gets," and the dark, windowless Fireside Lounge in the back is where all your night's bad decisions go to party without you. Because The LINQ is centrally located on the Strip, this Hash House is your best bet if you're on foot and badly in need of a giant pancake that, if things get really rough, you can wrap around yourself like a warm, maple-y blanket.

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Chinese and Vietnamese food in Chinatown that gets insane lines late night not because it is so good it's good, it's just not like WHOA but because it is cheap and it is open. Vegas is quite possibly the world capital of brunch, not that anyone ever gives it credit. LOL, "optional.

Vegas Insider

Sit outside on the patio under giant yellow umbrellas for a nice view of the Mandalay Bay resort tower and part of the pool area. Unless it's, like, Guy Fieri's joint. Which is still more expensive than it has any right to be. It's not so much that you can do a celebrity-chef joint "cheaply," because you can't, but all things being relative these places are more cheap than their significantly more expensive counterparts.

There is absolutely nothing cheap about this place. If you want to check "dine at a 'Chef of the Century' restaurant" off your bucket list, do it here. You will probably never, ever eat at Restaurant Guy Savoy , but Brioche is the next best thing. Just kidding, no it's not, it's a generic grab-and-go kiosk with breakfast and lunch items and is NOTHING like Restaurant Guy Savoy, but at least it bears his name so you can keep living in your fantasy, which is really all that Vegas is about.

At some point, a slice of pizza in Vegas will be the best thing you've ever tasted.