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Brilliant vinyl coupon code. Hepolar express st louis promo code. Lemonaid health promo code. Hawksnest tubing promo code. Biolife Coupons For New Donors - discountstrong. Biolife Plasma Services - St. BioLife Plasma Coupons in Layton - localsaver. The employees undergoing training do not mislead their donors by leading on, in any way, that they are fully trained. It takes time and practice to become a fully trained phlebotomist, as with any profession.

There are enough donors who are understanding and patient of this truth to enable training to be continued. If you are too put out by a bruise on your arm, you should have the sense to inquire about the training level of your phlebotomist and simply request someone who is fully trained Does the world make sense again? Yep Brockman Given the source of the plasma would YOU feel comfortable using their products? That said, it is sad that Baxter does not screen patients better or treat the source of their product better.

I do not speak out of ignorance. I know much more of the dealings behind the scene. As a donor, you are being shafted.

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BioLife makes millions from your plasma. BioLife is owned by Baxter. Google the phrase "Baxter Lawsuit Heparin". This goes toward the mentality of management at BioLife. BioLife pays very poorly and the training protocols used are suspect at best. It does not surprise me that donors are being bruised and worse in these centers. The first time I went to BioLife, they tried to test my veins after keeping my there for almost an hour to run other test , and then told me that my veins were inadequate. But honestly, the tourniquet on my arm was so loose I could almost put a finger under it, so I really think it was their mistake.

After this I was told I'd have to wait a year to come back and try again a year?! The second time I went, two years later, the tourniquet went on right and my veins were fine, but I was denied because of a tattoo on my inner arm-- it wasn't a new tattoo but I was told it had to be more than three inches away from the inner joint. My other arm was totally fine, I don't understand why they couldn't have just tried on that side. I feel like they're really quick to turn people away from providing something that's medically necessary for a lot of people, in situations where there's no reason for them to be.

BioLife sucks and that is more than blood. Also, Biolife did not let me choose a phlebotomist with experience. When I requested a specific person, I was told to "take who I get or leave". I then made the mistake of voicing my opinion of a this employee to another employee and was banned for good by the management. They certainly do NOT care about their donors and with enough bad word of mouth or publicity, they will have the light bulb go on.

I'm on this website because I'm sitting at home, very sick and in pain, after being a BioLife 'donor' for only about six weeks. I've now all but lost the use of my arm, after a phlebotomist did something wrong on my second donation. They would never tell me exactly what happened, but a crowd of them gathered, with more and more experienced ones coming around, and finally gave up on that arm, switching to the other.

So about three weeks later, suddenly, i have about an 18" blood clot, swelling, red blotchy patches and severe pain in my left arm. They sent me to a doc-in-the-box place first, and I got a boatload of antibiotics to take. Two days later, when the pain and redness continued to spread down, and then up my arm, I had to go to the emergency room and spend six hours there.

I have to go back to a doctor after the weekend. I'm hoping I don't lose my arm or even die as a result of this.

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The antibiotics are making me sick to my stomach, and the arm continues to get worse rather than better. I've been told the hard vein, which now runs the entire length of my arm from shoulder to wrist, may take months or years to go away, and that the pain may be permanent. I found a lawsuit online about that very thing.

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I'd rather go hungry than go through all this for a few dollars on a ripoff debit card. Fact of the matter is you are being paid to give a product.

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You take it or leave it. It is not like you are giving blood for free or going to a hospital or doctors office to get s test done. Jan So Wow, you must not be very bright to not know this.

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The nurses and phlebotomists there are just as subject to licensing and malpractice as any other medical facility. Same deal on the medical research places that pay you to be a Guinea pig for new meds It's called informed consent, look it up. When you feel like you're competent enough to perfectly stick a seventeen gauge needle in someones arms every single time, please let me know. Also, employees defer you for your inadequate veins and tattoos as a safety precaution for you. You're also deferred for things like high pulse, etc. And yes, it takes around a year for your veins to change enough to donate in most cases.

Plasma is used to help burn victims and hemophiliacs, along with other people. Without the plasma there to help, these people could suffer endlessly or even die, which goes to show how important it is for people to donate plasma. Plus, you get paid for this, so it is a situation in which everyone benefits.

I have talked about selling your hair for cash before, but this is a bit different and can be scary for some folks, but it is relatively pain-free and super easy.

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There are tons of places across the United States, many near you, that pay you for your blood plasma. In order to qualify for plasma donation , there are a few requirements that you must meet. In addition, these donation centers want to ensure that you have no diseases which could be passed onto someone else. To understand more thoroughly what types of health problems could keep you from donating and whether or not donating plasma hurts, read this. BioLife has centers in almost all states and in many cities across the United States and it is one of the highest paying plasma donation centers.

Once again, this all depends upon the center. In addition to the actual cash that you get, some centers have prizes or gifts that they give to those who sell their plasma, as an extra incentive to get people to use their services. Most centers want people to donate around twice per week, so they want to encourage people to do this by offering extra incentives. Some centers even give you more money if come in twice a week. If you like this option, you may also be interested in how some folks are making money from clinical trials.

I personally think donating plasma for money is a great way to not only make a few extra dollars but also to help others who depend on such blood donations for their health. This is so wonderful!

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