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This was around , when the recession was at its peak and coupon usage had surged among middle-class families who were struggling to keep up with costs. A handful of new, homegrown media outlets like Fabulessly Frugal and The Krazy Coupon Lady cropped up to teach cash-strapped Americans the virtues of Sunday circulars. By , the budding media industry built around teaching struggling households to save reached its logical conclusion: a TLC reality show called Extreme Couponing. It traded all that practical budget-focused advice for close-ups of stockpiles and high-stakes checkout totals.

Though largely unrealistic , it gave coupon bloggers an opportunity to engage with pop culture and drove people to investigate the world of couponing. Demer and her partner worked with Sharp Entertainment to consult on a handful of couponing reality TV concepts in , one of which became Extreme Couponing. Many hardcore couponers fact-checked the series. Cataldo called it out for unintentionally featuring coupon fraud.

Miller was one of those people. She read the blogs, watched the show, and became a self-taught scholar of the practice. Today she is a coupon fine-print cryptologist. She tracks stocking schedules, price fluctuations, and company stock prices like an astrologist does moon cycles. Her frequent shopping trips to local pharmacies and grocery stores has made her admired by managers, feared by fledgling cashiers, and sometimes despised by the people waiting in her checkout line.

Miller had always used the internet to learn about deals, occasionally consulting a handful of Facebook groups for information. People were posting selfies with their stockpiles, prized receipts, and photos of their shopping carts overflowing with product. Others focused on acquiring and selling coupon inserts en masse—usually by striking up a deal with newspaper distribution companies or hunting for them in waste management facilities.

There were also guides to deciphering the couponing lingo that the community had come up with to explain their deals. The average consumer might walk into a store and go straight to the products they plan to buy. Miller was initially shocked to learn that people were so forthcoming about their money-saving shopping habits online.

As it turns out, Instagram is incredibly well designed to serve the needs of intense deal-seekers. Because coupon circulars for grocery and drug stores are frequently regional—Wegmans in the East, Albertsons in the West, and so on—the location of a coupon influencer is especially important to his or her followers. A site like The Krazy Coupon Lady employs about 40 people at its Boise, Idaho, headquarters and has far more manpower than a single person with a smartphone. The photo-sharing platform is also ideal for the time-sensitive nature of coupons. Instagram is designed to be visual- and mobile-first; it also gives users the ability to receive push notifications from specific accounts.

All that helps discount shoppers spot deals and beat people to the checkout line before inventory runs dry. Miller acknowledges that by educating people about couponing on social media, she is also contributing to an environment that makes it harder for her to land exciting deals.

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During our second stop at Publix, for instance, we rolled up to the adult diapers section for some TENA pads. There was an empty spot on the shelf where they were supposed to be. Rather than give up, she began rifling through nearby diapers. Aside from its practical applications, Instagram has also modernized the image of the American deal-seeker.

During the recession, the stereotypical representative of the couponing community was a Middle American mom with a big family and a tight budget. But the economy that the recession left behind has made couponers out of an entire new generation, many of whom engage in discount shopping so they can afford to live comfortably. Daniel Woodsinger, 26, is a full-time pharmacist, but in his free time he runs a feed called ikillu4coupons. His posts are a mix of deal alerts for Suja Kombucha or Talenti ice cream, life updates, and videos of him gyrating and lip-synching in front of his merchandise stockpiles or voguing in scantily clad outfits at Burning Man.

He mostly does it for fun and says 60 percent of his , followers are between the ages of 25 and Besides, she has no room for a stockpile in the city. Her Instagram page is one of the main traffic streams to her deal-seeking website of the same name.

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Literally dying right now. Miller is also a couponing anomaly. She has no children to feed, no major bills to pay, and lives a comfortable life in a sleepy bedroom community just outside Jacksonville. Her husband makes enough money to support their household, but she says her hobby is a way to feel financially independent.

Since she began building her brand, Miller now enjoys the added benefit of online attention whenever she scores a good deal. And that attention has translated into sponsorship opportunities and ad revenue.

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Cashback companies like Ebates and CoinOut have recently inquired about partnerships. Over complimentary wraps at her Mercedes dealership—in which she also got a free car wash and chatted with an attendant about local shooting ranges—she pulled up the app on her phone and showed me her latest stats. Historically, the couponing community has always discussed their habits in relation to the American Dream: better credit, savings, the ability to buy a car or house. During the presidential campaign, those conversations veered into politics. She frequently receives heartfelt messages from her followers explaining how her tips saved their families.

But her tendency to spend too much money on discounted merchandise en masse has caused others to unfollow her. Inmar has seen a dip in the redemption of their paper offerings, but that dip is not because consumers simply find digital coupons more convenient.

Food companies are offering fewer paper coupons because instructional sites have led to their overuse. The fact that manufacturers are offering fewer major deals—combined with the fact that couponing has become more widespread—has put a damper on the couponing community.

They started slowly changing all the different policies. Now this. Those who have been hit the hardest by this shift are budget shoppers like thecouponchic, a Detroit-based Instagram user who prefers not to use her real name. She began couponing in after learning about it on Instagram. The Detroit-based couponer is happy to share her knowledge, but lately the shortage of merchandise is apparent.

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Every April and November Sephora holds its semi-annual sale for beauty insiders. The sales last about a week. Our sale sections here at Sephora are sometimes lackluster, but checking them often can pay off! We change up sale items every week. The Beauty Steals are usually located at the end of a row, and there are often at least two designated endcaps in each store, so go hunt them down. JCPenney Sephoras tend to mark down their inventory more rapidly. Search for value sets to get more for your money.

Sets usually originate from one brand like Tarte or contain a hand-curated mix of brands under the label Sephora Favorites. Makeup palettes offer savings just like value sets. The palette may make each item look small, but the blushes and lip are nearly the same size as their full-size counterparts. Danger awaits. Why are you tempted by the small bottle? You want to try something new? You need a small container to take on a plane? There are easily over a hundred travel size items at my Sephora store, and nearly every one is a total rip-off.

But, there are exceptions. So, to avoid being called out for not being thorough, here are the most notable travel size items that are significantly cheaper per ounce than their full-size counterparts. This is like high-stakes grocery shopping. Then I had a customer come in and redeem a scent certificate from the perfume sampler and I had an ah-ha! Not bad! Bulgari Omnia Crystalline spray, 2. Something you want out of stock or not sold at your store? I know this post is about coupon websites and not apps or add-ons but at the end of the day, we all want to use coupons that save us the most cash no matter how we get them.

Well, Honey takes the hassle out of it.

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It automatically searches and applies the best coupon for you. So you always know you are using the coupon o promo code that saves you the most money for any store. All you need to do is install the Honey add-on and enable it. Then every time you shop online, Honey will automatically search the web and applies the best coupons at the checkout until it gets you the one that works and gets you the most savings.

The sites below no longer are in business, but we are keeping the text here for archival reasons.

It offers printable coupons that you can take the stores, as well as online coupons for your Internet shopping. Just choose your store or your offer, click through to the appropriate retailer, shop and redeem your coupons and save. We started this post looking for the best coupon sites and finished up expanding the remit to include other sites where you can save money shopping. You can combine the offerings of these top coupon sites with free shipping and cash backs from sites like eBates to save even more.

Super easy!

The 21 Best Coupon Sites (Updated for 12222): Save up to 90%

Some of above site are top leader of coupoing site like, coupons. Actually couponign is a great opportunity for saving, but there are many much sites working for it. For online buyer have too much resource to search for couponing.


But there is no time for people to research for couponing every time. And every site have more then 15 coupon each store, people goes confuse that which coupon is working and best for them. Many coupon codes you can find at coupone. Really good list of coupon site without any promotions. If i prepare the list, I can place Amazon Coupons at th 10h or 11th place. Shoveling snow can make you a little extra pocket money.